2019, what a disgrace for fashion

Just looks at the world leaders how they look and behave. EU;s jean c Juncker , always drunk or Merkels lady pants. So from the ”top” to the bottom. Here we are. Fukkin janners and junkers, people who don’t care about stuff too important. People who let them selves go during 2018.

Scouse man in Gbg receiving plate for his services

One hopeless but not homeless Batistini man.. or should we say scouser boy… där found in a park receiving.

He har been receiving a lot of things but reccently a Gentle man gave him a plate since his old one was broken.

Many would implicate that this trade of porslain is the result of passion between men but our eye witness, a guy hiding himself in bushes in the same park; dr Gayner gives Another image.

With all due respect!

Batistini-men from Gothenburg are manifesting their silent will in todays story about how a man can empower himself despite beeing the multi-toy of his wife and owner. Here is the recipe to hold frustration and succeed in self-management to obtain your normal level of daily life happiness. 

Just some peanut butter sauce at budget asian buffet

When you suffer a rough miss treating a few days i a row. its time to STAND UP AS A MAN TO YOUR SELF; says Dr Gayner who is delivering some really good strategies for a man under pressure. He told other BM (Batistini-Men) that he went to a asian buffe and had all his delights mixed with peanut butter sauce, chili, curry, pork, onions and sushi. He had to make his path through daily life and found no way to deal with the situation than to show real power and see him self in the mirror again. He had three cups of coffee and went to the toilette before his wife and released everything freely and without any holding back or regrets.

Satisfaction before style #noflush

After the release. No flush was made. It was all there to the wife to see what a man he is; who is no longer afraid and dares to shit whenever he wants… and even not care about flushing. The result was unknown, the above mentioned man is today struggling to live freely. But as he said: it felt better, i felt released and powerful!

This strong story did also empower a few men more. They came with their advises. And their problems….

free but lonely

Also lonely thin haired men in northern Sweden is complaining as well. On a daily basis. He was later on spotted in Umeå, buying toilette paper at lidl.

masterbater on tour

Later on his friends discussed the matter with their friend who is suffering heavily from self abuse. With all due respect; hold your hands out of your pockets!



Dieter and ”scoussi” John ; releasing on vegetarian resto

He is called Scoussi John for his lame and rather thuggish language, often full of inapropriate jokes and accusations. Late on saturday afternoon be was spotted with Dieter Jurg in a shoppingmall in Swedens biggest town: Gothenburg.

SCOUSER JOHN Releasing himself at trendy shirt store

Later on the same day he was running out from a vegetarian restaurant after receiving complaints again; this time for his loudness when satisfying himself in the toilette. The waitress, a 23 year old vegan from majorna told he has been visiting the resto several times a day the last two weeks. She once screamed to him in anger because the incline of customers lately, to beat off. Later he replied ”i just did”. Further she said:

i dont want him to come here.

Dieter jurg has been out of the fashion for a while but was seen running away from Scouser John just by Etons shirt section. He said ”I dont like his rage, i rather leave the scene when he returns to his teenage behaviour”. Dieter Jurg went to the local library to read after the incident while Scouse-John went to wash his hands.

Grattis alla kvinnor!

Famous Batistini models sharing their love for women, on women’s day ! Batistini.nu  Went to Oslo and met the local chapter of Bat-Men to discuss the matter.

Cheers to you ladies, bottoms up! Cheap beer, snus and ronk Music… Colonel Jones, head of the local Bat-Men chapter in Oslo says with all due respect, women are the best… but sometimes a man gotta live like a man , to do hos shit with no one asking questions. Later on he adds; trust me, in the long run a man has to take control of his own life, as a respectful gesture to himself.

I raise a can to all women in the world; says another member. These men do appreciate the Good in life with style and fashion. But the lack of sophisticated taste in beverages and clothing as well; has made them perfect ambassadors for Batistini. We did also talk to one of the women behind the Oslo chapter of Bat-Men and her reflections on the response for the reactions and activities during womens day.

I like what i see, my man drinks beer and smells tobacco, thank lord he is a ex-Batistini model!

Says a women who want`s to stay anonymous due to various reasons. She is implicating the difficulties experienced with high fashion and the combination with having kid with such an handsome man.

Meanwhile in Berlin

As in UK, the issue with agents poisoning people on foreign soil has been lifted but this time in Neukölln, Berlin. Men, in particular members of the local Bat-Men chapter have reported serious accusations.

”Lately i have noticed that i am loosing hair, i will be bold in less than 20 years, look at my hair!! And i know someone is behind this. I am not surprised if we will find the guilty one behind those people who are out today demonstrating for women”

Later on we found the member, Mr A. Toffle and he is very upset. Outside a bar in Bergheim he was harassing pedestrians while drinking beer and shouting out loud, imposing that his loss of hair is connected with sexual short comings and those behind it will be punished. Further he says he is sure he would never loose hair like that and that he now is wearing a hat to cover his bold spot. Another member implies that the loss of hair could have natural causes.  Both members agrees that women´s day is important to celebrate BUT that due to recent attack on the local Bat-Men chapter its hard to stay focused on just that singles issue. As a greeting one man says; i greet to you, every women; I kiss you!


Ex dressman Batistini model under influence of bad behaviour

Last week in Brighton this ex-Batistini model for socks and pants was spotted on a busy street. Mr Olon has been away from the spotlight a while but since he moved out from his mom, he has gone wild, an exfriend says. Further, he has also been in clash with THE justice system and has seen beeing hand cuffed by Police,just at his apartment

Now with all personal problems he is no more suitable as a model says his exfriend. Later on same week he was seen with a man who earlier was the janitor at the local dressman store.

Hot males on tour 2008-2016


  • Don´t be shy to explore
  • Invest in your self
  • Travel in time

FRUSTRATED German guy, feeling good a Thursday afternoon in Bergheim.

sexy man in germany


Men who travel and live with the sun, tend to have a more gentle skin, more Batistini style than others.

handsome batistini