Dieter and ”scoussi” John ; releasing on vegetarian resto

He is called Scoussi John for his lame and rather thuggish language, often full of inapropriate jokes and accusations. Late on saturday afternoon be was spotted with Dieter Jurg in a shoppingmall in Swedens biggest town: Gothenburg.

SCOUSER JOHN Releasing himself at trendy shirt store

Later on the same day he was running out from a vegetarian restaurant after receiving complaints again; this time for his loudness when satisfying himself in the toilette. The waitress, a 23 year old vegan from majorna told he has been visiting the resto several times a day the last two weeks. She once screamed to him in anger because the incline of customers lately, to beat off. Later he replied ”i just did”. Further she said:

i dont want him to come here.

Dieter jurg has been out of the fashion for a while but was seen running away from Scouser John just by Etons shirt section. He said ”I dont like his rage, i rather leave the scene when he returns to his teenage behaviour”. Dieter Jurg went to the local library to read after the incident while Scouse-John went to wash his hands.


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