Grattis alla kvinnor!

Famous Batistini models sharing their love for women, on women’s day !  Went to Oslo and met the local chapter of Bat-Men to discuss the matter.

Cheers to you ladies, bottoms up! Cheap beer, snus and ronk Music… Colonel Jones, head of the local Bat-Men chapter in Oslo says with all due respect, women are the best… but sometimes a man gotta live like a man , to do hos shit with no one asking questions. Later on he adds; trust me, in the long run a man has to take control of his own life, as a respectful gesture to himself.

I raise a can to all women in the world; says another member. These men do appreciate the Good in life with style and fashion. But the lack of sophisticated taste in beverages and clothing as well; has made them perfect ambassadors for Batistini. We did also talk to one of the women behind the Oslo chapter of Bat-Men and her reflections on the response for the reactions and activities during womens day.

I like what i see, my man drinks beer and smells tobacco, thank lord he is a ex-Batistini model!

Says a women who want`s to stay anonymous due to various reasons. She is implicating the difficulties experienced with high fashion and the combination with having kid with such an handsome man.

Meanwhile in Berlin

As in UK, the issue with agents poisoning people on foreign soil has been lifted but this time in Neukölln, Berlin. Men, in particular members of the local Bat-Men chapter have reported serious accusations.

”Lately i have noticed that i am loosing hair, i will be bold in less than 20 years, look at my hair!! And i know someone is behind this. I am not surprised if we will find the guilty one behind those people who are out today demonstrating for women”

Later on we found the member, Mr A. Toffle and he is very upset. Outside a bar in Bergheim he was harassing pedestrians while drinking beer and shouting out loud, imposing that his loss of hair is connected with sexual short comings and those behind it will be punished. Further he says he is sure he would never loose hair like that and that he now is wearing a hat to cover his bold spot. Another member implies that the loss of hair could have natural causes.  Both members agrees that women´s day is important to celebrate BUT that due to recent attack on the local Bat-Men chapter its hard to stay focused on just that singles issue. As a greeting one man says; i greet to you, every women; I kiss you!



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