With all due respect!

Batistini-men from Gothenburg are manifesting their silent will in todays story about how a man can empower himself despite beeing the multi-toy of his wife and owner. Here is the recipe to hold frustration and succeed in self-management to obtain your normal level of daily life happiness. 

Just some peanut butter sauce at budget asian buffet

When you suffer a rough miss treating a few days i a row. its time to STAND UP AS A MAN TO YOUR SELF; says Dr Gayner who is delivering some really good strategies for a man under pressure. He told other BM (Batistini-Men) that he went to a asian buffe and had all his delights mixed with peanut butter sauce, chili, curry, pork, onions and sushi. He had to make his path through daily life and found no way to deal with the situation than to show real power and see him self in the mirror again. He had three cups of coffee and went to the toilette before his wife and released everything freely and without any holding back or regrets.

Satisfaction before style #noflush

After the release. No flush was made. It was all there to the wife to see what a man he is; who is no longer afraid and dares to shit whenever he wants… and even not care about flushing. The result was unknown, the above mentioned man is today struggling to live freely. But as he said: it felt better, i felt released and powerful!

This strong story did also empower a few men more. They came with their advises. And their problems….

free but lonely

Also lonely thin haired men in northern Sweden is complaining as well. On a daily basis. He was later on spotted in Umeå, buying toilette paper at lidl.

masterbater on tour

Later on his friends discussed the matter with their friend who is suffering heavily from self abuse. With all due respect; hold your hands out of your pockets!




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